Nuestra historia

Where it all began

FLOC-King as a Company was founded in 2009 by a Team of Highly skilled and Driven individuals with a mass of experience in Engineering, Design and Flock Coating industries. FLOC-King was set up to provide a valuable and cost effective alternative to the conventional Car Interior and Furniture trimming methods, while providing innovative new styles and with the aim of being the most competitively priced Flock Coating company in the UK and beyond. FLOC-King has now become a strong Global Brand and a well recognised name in the Flock Coating Industry.
Our team is made up of Qualified Professionals that just happen to also be keen Automotive, Motorsport, Design and Fashion enthusiasts, so we take great pride in our work and are always happy to discuss in depth all of your projects and requirements. We not only work with and supply our products to some of the largest companies in the world, we supply Flocking consumables and Flock coating services to anyone who wants to achieve a new look, feel and quality finish to their Car's Interior trim, Home, Office, Hotel Furniture and other Inovative projects.
We provide Flock Consumable's and Flocking equipment to the Trade and DIY enthusiasts. Our range of Flocking Supplies is extensive and we have everything for anyone wanting to start a small business or just Flocking as a hobby.
Our Flock Coating service is setup in a modern designated Flocking facility. Our workshops are free from any contamination, are temperature controlled and fully kitted out with the latest Flocking booths and state of the art Electrostatic equipment.
Be rest assured you are getting the very best quality available. Our Flock and Adhesive supplies are stored in a temperature controlled environment which is paramount to the quality and condition of Flocking consumables. so when buying from us, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality product.

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