What is Flocking

What is Flocking?

The Flocking process involves applying short monofilament fibres, usually Nylon or Rayon, directly on to a substrate that has been coated with a specialist Flocking Adhesive. The diameter of the individual Flock strand is only a few thousandths of a centimetre, and ranges in length depending on the application. Our process uses special state of the art equipment that electrically charges the Flock Particles causing them to stand-up. The Fibres are then propelled by the equipment and set into the adhesive at right angles. This creates a pile and has a smooth velvet like feel to the touch. The application is very durable and permanent. A wide range of colours and lengths of Flock are available to create your desired finish.
Uses for Flock
Flocking is used extensively in Automotive, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Events & Entertainment Industries. Flock coating is used on Automotive Dashboards, Centre Consoles, Glove Boxes, Door Cards, Coin Trays and many other bits of interior Trim. Rally Cars have their Dashboards Flocked to reduce reflections and glare and to provide an as new finished to a modified Dash. Roll Cages and other items such as Gauge Pods can be Flocked. It is a very popular styling solution in the Car modifying scene. Flock is known for its acoustic properties and can be used to coat speaker boxes and door builds on Audio installs. Flock can also help to reduce condensation inside a Vehicle. Flock Coating can be used on Jewellery Boxes, Drawer Liners, Walls and Full pieces of furniture. Flock Coating is used on retail signs and point of sale to create extraordinary designs that are striking visually and to the touch. With a large colour range available, all sorts of modern styles can be achieved. Flock can be applied to a range of materials including Plastic, Metal, Wood, Rubber and Fibreglass.

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