EP4376 Epoxy & H4376 Hardener Flocking Epoxy Resin Kit 1.5 KG

EP4376 Epoxy & H4376 Flocking Epoxy is a 2 Part Adhesive system designed for a wide range of Flocking applications.
EP4376 Epoxy & H4376 works well with all non pourous substrates such as Metals, Plastics, Wood, Glass, Brick and many other materials and is a very durable and permanant solution for all Lengths of Flock.
Application can be made by Brush, Roller or Spray Gun.
Mixed in a 50/50 Ratio and can be thinned for spraying using an Acetone Thinner.

*** Please note that you will need to purchase pigment for the colour of the flock you are using for the most seamless finish***

Comes with full instructions

** Please contact us before purchasing if you are outside the UK because different countries have different shipping regulations for Epoxy based Products*

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