TURQUOISE DIY Roller Flocking Kit

This Kit contains:
1 x Bag of Flock
1 x Manual Puffer Bottle Applicator
1 x Adhesive
1 x Roller
1 x Instructions
Achieve that professional look for a fraction of the cost and achieve that real self satisfaction that you have Flocked your parts yourself. The kit is everything you need to Flock 1 sq metre which will cover your average sized Dashboard. Other Colour Kits are available in our store.
Please contact us with any questions you have about your purchase before and after, we will be happy to help. Please be aware the Adhesive in this Kit is a Specialist Adhesive specifically designed for Flock Coating. It is in no way similar at all to Craft Paint which other sellers are providing with their "Flocking kits". Craft Paint should not be used as any alternative to Specialist Adhesives required for a Durable long lasting finish.
The FLOC-King Flock kit will give you what can best be described as a velvet like surface and can be applied to any none porous substrate. Metals, wood, plastic, glass, etc. Glove boxes, Dashboards, Coin Trays, Panels, etc can all be coated. It is a really simple process. Paint on the Specialist adhesive and "puff" the Fibres onto the adhesive with the Supplied applicator. After drying, brush off the excess Flock, to leave a smooth velvet desirable finish. Full instructions supplied with the kit. Follow these carefully for the best results. Flock is made from long lasting, hard wearing nylon and gives a very professional looking finish.

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