Frequently asked questions.

What is Flocking?
The Flocking process involves applying short monofilament fibres, usually Nylon or Rayon, directly on to a substrate that has been coated with a specialist Flocking Adhesive. The diameter of the individual Flock strand is only a few thousandths of a centimetre, and ranges in length depending on the application. The Fibres are then propelled by the equipment and set into the adhesive at right angles. This creates a pile and has a smooth velvet like feel to the touch. The application is very durable and permanent. A wide range of colours and lengths of Flock are available to create your desired finish. 
How much Flock will I need to cover the area or object I want to Flock?
The area covered will depend on the length of the flock that is being used.
Using 1Kg bags as a guide:

2.0mm 22 dtex Flock - 4-5m²
1.0mm 3.3 dtex Flock - 7-8m².
0.5mm 1.5/1.7 dtex Flock - 8-10m²
How much Flock is required to cover a dashboard?
Generally 1.0mm 3.3dtex flock is most commonly used when flocking dashboards and automotive parts, 1Kg of 1.0mm flock will (approximately) cover 7-8m², depending on how much wastage and how much excess Flock you cleanly collect and reuse.
Which Flocking Machine do I need?
All of the Flocking Machines Flocking Ltd supply are suitable for a professional finish, however it depends on what level of production you require and the size of the items you want to flock.
The FK1-PRO is a hand held all in one unit which is a handy battery operated system. This is great for covering small areas, as well as car dashboards and interior trim and is a great entry into the flocking process. The FK1 is easy to use and very robust which makes it great for industrial workshops and hobbyists alike. For the price point and the amount of power it produces just from a single 9V battery it is our best selling DIY Flocking applicator.
Our FK5 is mains powered and a more powerful professional system. It is better at flocking larger areas and multiple items quickly.

There are a variety of other machines plus custom setups available, however we recommend the above machines based on the fact they are great starter and entry/mid level professional systems.

Which Adhesive do I need to use on a dashboard?
The most common and recommended adhesive used to flock dashboards and car parts is Epoxy.  EP4376/H4376 Epoxy adhesive has been designed specifically for flocking processes. It is a 2-Part Adhesive, mixed in equal parts by volume (Not weight). EP4376 can be applied by roller and brush manually, or can be thinned down using Acetone for application by spray gun.
How do I mix and apply EP4376/H4376 Epoxy Adhesive?
EP4376/H4376 is required to be mixed in equal parts by volume (Not weight) 
50% EP4376  50% H4376
Working Temperature: Normal room temperature, between 15C and 25C
Open Time: Usually at least 20 minutes under normal temperature and conditions.
Thinning Down: To enable Spraying, thin down the Epoxy to a maximum of 20% of the total mix volume.

Why do I need pigment for my Epoxy Adhesive?
When the colour of the surface being flocked is different to the colour of the flock you are using, colouring the adhesive to match the flock will help to create a more seamless finish. it is recommended to always pigment your adhesive for the best results.
How much pigment do I need?
Only add small amounts of pigment at a time and stir well until you reach the desired colour. If you are covering dark surfaces with a light coloured flock, it will usually be necessary to strongly pigment the adhesive to achieve uniform colour and coverage across the item.

What nozzle size do I use when spraying Adhesives by air gun?

We recommend a 1.8 - 2.0mm nozzle for spraying most of our sprayable adhesives.

Are there different Adhesives for different applications?

Yes there are a number of different adhesives for different applications. Contact us if you require any assistance choosing the correct Adhesive for your project.
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