FK3-Pro Box Electrostatic Flocking Box

The FK3-Pro Box is a Flocking Device designed for Flocking a wide range of 2D or 3D objects with ease.
The FK3-Pro box uses a supplied internal 9V battery, with no plugs or external power sources to power the device, making it a very portable solution for all model makers and scenery builders. A very high power output compared to other versions ensures the process is easy and flawless every time. 
Great for adding Static Grass to Model bases, Railway Scenery, Toy Soldier bases and more.
The FK3-Pro is also very useful for flocking any small 3d objects such as Action Man Heads and small Toy restorations.
Used Widely in the Nail Art Business Sector for applying Flocked Furry Nails to clients.
Flock anything from round the home or workplace with the FK3-Pro!
How to use:
Place Your Flock or Static Grass on the Charging Plate,
Apply Specialist Flocking Adhesive to your Item,
Attach the supplied Crocodile Earth Clip to your item you are Flocking,
Switch the FK3-Pro on (which is indicated by a Blue Led),
Hover your item over the Flock on the charging plate and watch the Flock bounce from the Plate onto your glued item.
After you have finished and are happy with the coverage. Turn off the Box at the Switch and Ensure you place the object in a suitable position to dry

Full Instructions are supplied, Please follow these carefully.
Please be aware that a battery will not be provided for international shipping due to shipping restrictions


Please note that there is a 5 Working Day Lead Time on the Electrostatic Applicator due to the high demand. 
Once your item has been dispatched, we will update you with a tracking number. 

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